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Chokyosai Eiri  鳥橋斎 栄里

( act.1789 ~ 1801 )   c.1801

Fumi no Kiyogaki    文の清書き

( Clean Draft of a Love Letter, or Pure Drawings of Female Beauty )



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Shunga Masterpiece - Chõkyõsai Eiri – Dutch Captain – 

Dutchman With Prostitute – c.1801.


Original antique Japanese color woodblock print by Chõkyõai Eiri (act. 1789-1801). Shunga (Erotic print). 
Date: New Year 1801. Oban yoko-e size: 14 1/3” x 10” inches. Series: 'Models of Calligraphy (Fumi no kiyogaki)‘.  
Fine impression, very good color and condition.
Minor marks and flaws only otherwise in a wonderful state. 
Virtually full size.Wonderful use of metallic pigment details.

“Through the window of a brothel in Nagasaki we spy a Dutch captain having sex with a Japanese courtesan. Incense burns in a vessel on the small table to the right, and below it is a small paper sachet which contains an aphrodisiac for women called nyõetsugan. The Dutchman’s long cat-like fingernails are a striking detail.




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This print has been included in the collections of countless museums such as the >> British Museum and 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art !

One of the Great Masterpieces of Shunga !








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