"SANGRE DE TORO"(1991) by Paul Blanca (1954), set of 8 silk-screen prints with Bullís blood on 300 grams/m2 BFK rives (94 x 73cm)
in a deluxe box. Poem by Koos Dalstra. Size: each 35 x 45cm or 45 x 35cm. In an edition of 35.(number 29)

The series of prints by Paul Blanca is exceptional for obvious reasons. Blanca, who had lived and worked in Spain for two years, had while there, become obsessed by bullfighting and kept up with all the "ferias"(local seasonal festivities) to take photographs. 
He found it intriguing that when the "corrida"(bullfight) was at an end, the bullsímeat was served in restaurants but nothing was done with the blood- it is the fluid of life, after all. Blanca investigated whether blood could be used as silk-screen printing ink. 
The treated blood was used for the Sangre de Toro portfolio, based on Blanca's photos. Pressing the ink through the screen only once produced no more than a light pink colour, and in the end 35 'pulls' where needed to achieve the darkest tone in the pictures, creating a visible relief. The series forms a high point on the periphery of Blanca's photographic work. For the "Afficionados"(devotees) it is a must, for opponents of bullfighting it is also a monument of beauty.


"Blanca is my only competitor" - Robert Mapplethorpe (famous photographer)

"..he reaches a kind of poetry that very few photographers have." - Bill Katz (New York designer and collector of photography) in "True colors" - The real life of the art world by Anthony Haden-Guest (p.228 - 237)

The book ''True colors'' is the most talked-about book on art since ''The Shock of the New''.

The whole set of prints is in excellent condition. Each print is pencil signed by the artist: 29/35 Paul Blanca.

Blanca is a provacitive and controversial artist, for that reason he was a suspect in the attack on Rob Scholte in 1993. 
But was found innocent. Dalstra studied criminalogy, and is now a dedicated poet and writer.

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